Friends, Romeans, Country fans…

“Turn out the lights the tour is over…” It’s been over for a few days now, but I just felt like singing that. So it was right back into home life, making lunches,doing math homework and just hanging with the coolest kids I know, wife included.

“So how was the tour Darren?” Well… did you read the blog I was trying to do while on tour (not quite Shakespeare, more like shmuksmear)? No? Go back and read, it will give you and idea of just how busy touring can be. That being said… IT WAS F#$%ing AWESOME! Yes we only got 4 hours of sleep some nights, yes our van broke down, s we fought like bands tend to do, but the gigs were awesome, and the people we met along the way were better.

First things first, yes I did meet Alan Jackson. It was not quite the “hanging out telling old road stories” you were all hoping for, but did get to shake his hand and thank him for his great music. We also did get to spend a bit of time with Terri Clark . I don’t know if you knew this but she is hosting a radio show down in Nashville, not only a great singer/songwriter but a very funny gal to boot.

Check out the link and find your way.

The guys in Terri’s band were all a great hang. I did get to meet fellow Canadian and CCMA award winner Ali Raney. If you didn’t know, she is one half of the Lovelocks and she owes me a mando lesson If she is reading this, which I doubt). Check Ali and Zoe’s music out here.

Hey if you’re looking for a cool record, pick up Ryan Adams latest release. It was played a few too many times on the tour but it still rocks!

My reasons for taking this path in life are always validated by great people I meet on the road. There are always new places to discover and great coffee to find. Don’t forget we have some dates with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band coming up. Check the web site and come say hi!

Also Ontario friends our Label mates The Orchard and Amy Metcalfe will be doing some shows in your neck o the woods. Check them out if you can, you won’t be sorry. Find out more here

Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon.