Friends, Romeans, Country Fans…

Where am I? I know I woke up at 6:00am two days ago in Victoria, hopped a plane to Saskatoon where we played a show at TCU Place with TerrI Clark. Got a visit in with some friends and family then it was off to bed.
Yesterday it was a two hour drive out to Kindersley. I did have the opportunity to walk around the town for awhile. Nice town! It was my first time there, the people were friendly and the crowd was great. After the show we had to perform at an after party so I didn’t see the pillow till 1:30am. I did see my alarm go off at 6:30am. I know “Darren what are you doing that’s only 5 hours of sleep”. Oh I know!

We had to get to Saskatoon to hop a plane to get us to Kelowna for our show with Alan Jackson tonight. So as I sit here in Edmonton for my connecting flight, so close to home, eating an egg wrap and drinking my coffee. Off to Kelowna we go! Stay tuned for what happened tonight.

I say cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon.