Friends, Romeans, Country fans…

What is up? Well, let me tell you. Fall is here in Edmonton. Call me crazy but it’s my favourite time of year. Maybe it’s the colours, maybe it’s because it’s the time of year I first met my wife, not sure but I love it, and her too if you’re reading this Hol.

 Okay enough about me. Hey Romeo has been working hard. Not quite the same kind of hard like travelling and playing every week for two to three nights a week. We are gearing up for a new CD. That’s right, Romeans. Some new music will be coming your way. “Tell us more Darren, when will I be able to pick up said CD?”

Patients my Romeans, patients…

We have just got back from another trip to Nashville (Got to put a shout out to the ISO’s for holding down their respective forts while we’ve been gone.) We are in the process of going through all the material and seeing what we feel is the best stuff for you Romeans. There will be a few weeks of that and then it’s off to the recording studio. The hope is to have something out early New Year. We traditionally miss deadlines so don’t quote me on that one.

The music will be a different direction for us, not too much but it will be different. We have been writing with some great writers down there in music city: Walt Aldridge, Clay Mills, Marty Dodson, Dave Turnbull, Bruce Wallace, Shaye Smith and Deric Ruttan. I fell so unbelievably blessed that I am able to get in the room and create music with these amazing people. I know, ” Yea Darren blah blah everybody says that” It’s true everybody does say that but I really mean it. These people are artists of the highest level.

Did I say Deric Ruttan? Yes I did. He is going across Canada on the Your Town Throw down tour. It will also include Chad Brownlee and Jason Blaine. Yes I know Romeans, “Hey Romeo would  fit in nicely on that tour”. Sadly we have other things on the go.  If you want to see a great show and hear some great music go check out this concert.

So there you go, fall is here, new music is coming and there is some great live Canadian country music to be supported.

One last thing. Please send your prayers and good healing vibes out to our  friend Doug who is going through some pretty heavy health issues right now.

Cling to your Roots and Keep your Eyes on the Horizon

Love and luck,