Friends, Romeans, Country fans…

I missed a day! My apologies, but it was a busy show day.  After a great breakfast with Mom and Dad, it was off to the venue to load in. It took a while to find the ramp to the MTS centre (no it wasn’t connected to the building it was on the next block over) but we got in and shown to our dressing room. It was the change room for the visiting NHL teams (no it didn’t smell like old hockey bag) I have to say that this is the coolest gig we have ever done. Usually when we pull up to a gig it’s unload all the gear and set up all the gear. Well I set up my guitar and amp but we had a crew of great people to unload the trailer and bring our stuff to the stage. It was pretty awesome!

Everyone that we worked with that day was great and so good at what they do it made the day run smooth. We did slip a radio visit in at QX 104 before we had to sound check. (Interview is posted below) Oh yea sound check, that’s when my pedal board went down. You know me, three pedal guy, a delay, a distortion and a tuner pedal. Well the new strymon delay pedal I bought went on the fritz. The show must go on I say, so with much swearing I took it off the board and played without it. I gotta say it threw me a bit on the first song of our set but then I thought “I’m in the frickin’ MTS centre… Time to rock and roll!”

The show was great, check out the web page and Facebook for pictures and other stories. My family and friends all got together after the show to celebrate our first big tour, what a great night. Did I say great enough in his blog?

Well you could substitute f’in awesome for any great if you like. Trying to keep this short. For day 4 go to day 1 and 2 and take out the stop in Saskatoon and the radio visits to Regina. It was a 14 hour drive back to Edmonton. You’re up to date.

Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon!