Friends, Romans, Country fans…


Day 2 in Nashville. Sorry I missed day 1 but flying really kicks my ass, I’m surprised we even got a song on Monday. Then again we were writing with the amazing Billy Falcon This guy not only had a great career of his own but has written many a song with and for the band Bon Jovi. It was an incredible experience and we may be able to do it again before we leave.

Billy also has a talented daughter you should check out Rose Falson Check this out


Okay, day 2 we spent with Mr Clay Mills. This guy looks at a guitar and three songs come jumping out before he has even strummed a chord. He also has an enviable collection of acoustics. We had enough time to hammer out a verse and chorus and are getting back together later in the week to put the finishing touches on a really great song.

Check out his web page for cool music and a link to song town USA for you songwriters out there.

Here I’ll make it easy for you, still go check out his web page don’t be lazy.


So that’s it so far.


Cling to your Roots and Keep an eye on the horizon!