Friends, Romeans, Country fans…

I know, “Darren you said you were going to keep us up to date on the goings on in Nashville”. Well, I had hoped to do better but… I’m getting a few moments between writing, visiting friends, and checking out gear I wish I could afford. So what is new?

The ACMA Award for SOCAN Song of the Year!

What an incredible thing for us here in Hey Romeo land. We all really believed in that song and to see it garner awards in our own back yard is an honour. Thanks to the ACMA, SOCAN, and thanks to Deric Ruttan for getting in the room with us and creating a piece of music everyone could enjoy. Deric has a new album out so go buy it and support your Canadians.


We got to write with an amazing guy from Australia who lives in Nashville. His name is Phil Barton. This guy is awesome and has written with everyone! He only wrote 324 songs last year.

Jason Massey is another fine writer from OLE’ publishing. He is also starting to make waves in the producer chair.

What can I say about Jeff Cohen. I will say he is one heck of a songwriter and one heck of nice guy and I can’t even begin to tell you his pedigree it is so long. Go to his web page check out his music and bio.

Today it was a session with the Mr. Byron Hill. If you look up Country Gentleman in the dictionary, Byron’s photo will be there. He has had so much success not only in the US but in Canada helping out Canadian artists, like your truly, make their mark in this business. Always happy when I can get in the room with him.

All these guys are extremely talented and you are probably listening to a song one of them wrote on the radio right now.

Well that’s it for now.

Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon!