Friends, Romeans, Country Fans…

Hello from Nashville. I know some of you have seen the picture I posted of the beautiful white southern mansion with the blue sky and the sun shining ( I always think of my mother on days like that), well that’s not the case today. For my Edmonton friends, it is 3 degrees warmer there than it is here. That’s right folks, 2 degrees and raining. Oh well, life of a rock star as “they” say.

So what can I tell you that’s different than the other days besides weather? Not too much. We are just waiting to go finish up a song we started with Clay Mills this afternoon. So I sit here reading articles online and looking for the next inspiring title or situation worthy of song. We did get a chance to hang out with Tenille. She’s writing some great tunes and singing her buns off. You go kid! Okay she’s 21 but I knew her when she was my daughters age. Happy Birthday to her also, this past week.

I do have another cool person to check out, his name is James LeBlanc

He played guitar on our I Got This EP. He is a damn good singer/songwriter also. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as “they” say (who is they? as my grade 11 theology teacher would ask when I would use it in term papers).

Anyway is the son of James and is pretty awesome also.

That’s all for now folks.

Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon, and go support some live music tonight in your home town.