Friends, Romeans, Country fans… Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a fantastic Holiday season. (does anyone but me find that fantastic is the new word that everyone is using) Personally I celebrate Christmas but I am cool with the celebration of your choice. I hope it was full of food family and friends.


We finished out 2015 with a few trips up to Fort McMurray for some private Christmas parties and then we were off for New Years, which was spent with family and friends. There are some new things going on for 2016. We are taking a trip up North to visit our friends in Inuvik and we will be playing the End of the Road festival at the beginning of March.


“Darren that is really far north don’t you think?”


Yes it is Romeans. We have played this festival before. The country up there and the people are beautiful and we would go up there every year and play if we could… of course not in the middle of winter, we ain’t crazy you know. If you can’t make it up for our show make a plan to go up and check out an incredible part of Canada. It’s where I first saw a flock of Bald Eagles, really a flock. I thought those things were a solitary breed.


Canada is beautiful folks. I have been in every province and territory (except Newfoundland and I will make it there) and cannot recommend enough for you to go see what this great country has to offer.


There is also some news on the music front. We are releasing a new single in February just in time for Valentines day. We have decided on Ride With Me to be the next song we send to radio. We have a contest in mind but I thought it might be something different for you to maybe get involved.


“Well Darren what would you like us to do? You know you can count on us right?”


I know it Romeans. Here’s the deal; What kind of contest or prize package would you be interested in participating in or seeing? No idea is to far out for us, we will look at any suggestion and roll it through the Romeo machine.
-You want the prize to be that Stacie comes over and sings to you while she shovels your walk, we will entertain that.


-You want Rob play the piano for a romantic night at home for you and your significant other (he doesn’t play bedrooms folks) we will look at that too.


“That sounds great Darren but your don’t seem to be adding anything?”


I don’t know friends, I could serenade you while you do the dishes (I only do dishes at home) or be your personal chauffeur for a night, like I said nothing is to crazy. I guess I just want you to have some fun with it and to see just how wacky you all are. Just start sending suggestions, if it beats what we have in mind for the contest/prize package we’ll have something for you. We will be looking at them for a few days so get your  I Got This ball caps on if you have them and start sending your ideas.


On a sad note we lost some talented people that I’m sure you are all aware of. David Bowie was always challenging himself musically and introduced me to Stevie Ray Vaughn, a major influence on my playing. Do you have a favourite Bowie song? One of mine would be Queen Bitch. Don’t let the name turn you off this song is groovy. 
Send me a link of one of your favs, I would like to hear it.


Also the actor Alan Rickman passed away. I loved his character in the Harry Potter series from the beginning. Here is a link to enjoy. Raise a wand friends. 


Okay that’s enough I think. Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon Romeans.