Friends, Romeans, Country fans,

I figured that you might of had enough of of my Movember  posts so I have been remiss in my blogging duties.  If you weren’t following along the Hey Romeo Movember team raised close to 500 dollars for prostate cancer. Ladies, Brad Curtis and I  want to thank you for your patience. It was a lot harder to have that thing on my face than I thought. If you must know how it felt go to the deli and order a piece of thinly sliced ham, shaved even. Then fold it, don’t roll it, two to three times and place it in between your nose and top lip. Now you get the idea. No mine did not smell like ham, I’m a vegetarian, it had the aroma of Mexican food. I’ll be off burritos for a while.

We have had a great year here in Romeo land. A new CD, some new videos and we got to travel across Canada a couple of times. Yes I am living the life I’ve always wanted. I want to thank you all for letting me do that. It’s your hard earned dollars you spend on our music and our shows that allows us to do this. Don’t think that is lost on us. It means a lot.

Christmas is coming so I hope you’ve all been good little Romeans and get what you want for Christmas. Please don’t forget those less fortunate. There are a lot of people struggling this time of year and a donation to a food bank is always very helpful. I am looking forward to heading back to Winnipeg for Christmas. The family and food always make it memorable.

So Merry Christmas, sorry if that offends some of you, but I am wishing you all the happiness in the world you can handle now and in the New Year, that’s all I mean by Merry Christmas.

Cling to your Roots and keep an eye on the horizon!

Love and Luck,

Darren (Gazzz)