Friends, Romeans, Country Fans… How’s everyone doing? Seems it’s been a while since we last talked.

“It has been a while Darren, you must have been up to some really cool stuff to leave us in the dark for so long”.

Yes we have been Romeans. We just got back from playing up in Inuvik for the End Of The Road Festival. If you’re not sure where that is, check a map. It’s in the NWT section, keep going up, up some more now a little to your left, there it is. We flew out of Edmonton at 6am friday morning, had a 25 minute layover in Yellowknife then touched down in Inuvik at 1230pm. I’ve got to put a shout out to the fine people at Canadian North Airlines. This is by far one of the best airlines flying. They were able to accommodate a whole bunch of extra gear that we had to bring up with us and the staff are some of the best I’ve encountered. As you know, I’m kind of a bigger guy and when I was assigned a middle seat on a full flight I was a tad bit worried. “I’m going to be sandwiched between to people and have no leg room to stretch out”. This was not the case. It seems Canadian North had their customers comfort in mind when they designed their plains. Lots of room on either side and more leg room than I could ever hope for. you rock!

“So what did you do next Darren?”

We went right to the Hotel to check in. We each got our own rooms with a fireplace, very swanky. Then it was off to the venue for sound check. We got to meet the other groups on the bill: Fagan Furlong and JJ Lavallee, great musicians from BC, and a local power trio called Delta Flood. I found out later, at one of our many late night jam sessions that JJ is related to very close family friends of mine. Small world.


From here we were whisked off to dinner. We have been up to Inuvik more than once and have made some great frienshipd there. The Hansen family, and friends of,  have made us feel at home each and every time we have come up there. They cook Caribou and moosemeat stew for the others and also make sure there is a great piece of Arctic Char for me. This was the first trip I tried Coney, it’s a white fish but it was fantastic,  I like it better than salmon. A big thank you to Don Craik, Marjorie, Helen, Elizabeth, Frank, Robert, Brenda and all the others I know I am missing. You are all fantastic people.


We played a show on Friday night and Saterday to a full house of dancers and jiggers. People up there love there live music. Sunday is was a nine hour jam from 3 to midnight. The night was full of great music and lots of laughs. Like me tring to play the drums…



and the Bass…


People had had enough when I tried the fiddle…



“Hey Darren we heard it was cold up there”


A picture says a thousand words. We were dressed for it though as you can see. I would reccomend a trip up Romeans. I will be going back to visit in the future. It’s beautiful country with beautiful warm welcoming people.

I have one more bit of big news. We are having a contest to go along with the release of our new single Ride With Me. Check out this video and follow the directions to enter. Good Luck Romeas. Hope it’s you!

Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon.