Friends, Romeans, Country Fans…

it’s been a while. What’s been happening you ask? Well, we have been doing a lot of writing lately. We were down in Nashville for two weeks getting in the room with some great people. I must say it was beautiful down there. Edmonton was the exact opposite. Yes they had a snow storm, and my wife was not happy. I still love you Holly.

We rented a condo this time around and it was awesome. Here is a picture of the neighbour’s place. They all look the same on the outside, 3 tiny bedrooms, an old fashioned kitchen… wait that’s our single. The house was clean and up to date with everything you need to live. Thanks to Louis O’Reilly. It was great to have a place to cook and a room to myself. I do believe he is renting it out soon for artists who need accoms while they are down there.

Okay some cool stuff. Rob and I went back to the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale Mississippi the first weekend we were down there.

Yes there were Pig races. That’s such a small part of the festival but it was cute all the same watching the little fellas race to get the oreo cookie at the end.


Clarksdale is the home of the Delta blues folks. They have a great blues museum with the cabin that Muddy Waters grew up in. Fits in the museum, gives you an idea of how small it was. If you get a chance check the festival.

There’s Rob in the middle looking for the next band to see. Just walk up the block.

Killer stuff.

If you can’t tell by now I did get the new Iphone 5. I got it so it would interface with my macbook. Well it interfaces with my desktop mac but I need to upgrade my operating system to Snow Leopard on the macbook for it to interface. BOO. That being said I do love the phone.

What else can I say. We are playing the Rainmaker Rodeo on Saturday May 25. Come on out and lets start this summer off right.

Okay that’s all for now. I’m going to be putting a few more of these out so stay tuned.

Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon

Love and Luck