Friends, Romeans, Country Fans…


Time for another blog. Yes it has been a while. I don’t know why I haven’t done one for so long, just lazy I guess.


First things first. I’m sure you have all seen what happened in Calgary with the flooding.  I want to take my hat off to that City for getting it all that clean up done and moving forward with the Calgary Stampede (One of the greatest outdoor show on earth).
I have heard a lot of people question why they did that. They tell me it’s a cash grab… Well, you tell that to the carnies running the rides, the security guards, the waiters and waitresses at the restaurants and… well the list goes on. Yes the corporate world made a good showing but try to think of all the regular Joe’s and Jane’s trying to make ends meat and working extra to supply for there families.


Let’s also keep in mind those in High River. I have friends who live there and have lost their houses. I can’t imagine having no place to go and trying to explain that to my kids. My prayers are with you.
End of rant!



Here is a link to support those effected. CLICK HERE


Let’s also send some prayers and help out to those in Lac-Megantic Quebec.


Okay, so what have I, we, been doing. It has been a lot of corporate shows and rodeos lately, which means a lot of driving for me.


This is actually a picture of me not driving. People want to know what it’s like on the road, well a picture says a thousand words.



Stacie has both her iPhone and computer going at the same time, and that’s Rob’s hands clutching his phone as always. Brad and Curtis are rockin’ out in the very front to Rage Against the Machine. Oh yea and that’s our friend Jordan who we hired to help us out for a gig.



Here is a picture of the new love mark in the lower right hand side of Godzilla’s windshield. Yes, we named the van Godzilla. Why you ask? It is because of our accident in 2008, this guy hit us head on and wrote off our other van. We called that one Scoobie Blue. We felt a name that was a little more intimidating might help us on the road, and no one messes with Godzilla.



I had my first Canada day off that I can remember. Got to spend it with my girls in Sherwood Park, Alberta. What a great day! Got to see some great bands and a lot of great entertainment.


It was an oppressively hot day but this warrior put on a great demonstration of a traditional First Nations dance.


I have been playing a little Mandolin also but don’t get your hopes up on me playing it live. I’m still trying to get a handle on the guitar.



Well that’s it for now folks. I hope you’re having a great summer and I’ll be blogging again soon!


Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the horizon.
Love and Luck,