Friends, Romeans, Country fans…



HAPPY NEW YEAR! I mean it. This ain’t no “garwsh I’m suppose to wish people a Happy New Year” this is a real honest to goodness ” I hope that 2013 brings you all the health and happiness you could handle, and if not may you learn a lesson from all the crap that comes your way.
Okay enough with the mushy stuff. Let’s talk music. Hey Romeo has been taking some time off decompressing from the crazy year we had. We did do a great New Years gig for the city of Edmonton. Here is a link we show up around 1:08. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!
25,000 people just partying to see 2013! What a great city this is. I want to thank the City of Edmonton and BT Edmonton for having us be part of this incredible event. GO JETS! ooops… Sorry, I love Edmonton but my roots still run deep to my prairie home. That is all I’m going to say about the NHL.

What else, what else… I’m sure you all know about the cruise we are going on in February, it’s been all over Facebook… if you don’t CLICK HERE and check out the link. There are still a few tickets left. Come on and get out of the cold and join us on a cruise.
I got a bunch of iTunes gift cards for Christmas so I bought some new stuff, well new to me. One album that’s knocking me out right now is Lucinda Williams “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road” What an awesome set of songs. Check her out if you haven’t yet.
Her new CD “Blessed” is my next purchase, in fact I am going to pause and buy it now. Done just waiting for it to download. I’ll just finish listening to this “Mississippi” John Hurt album and then hit the new purchase. Man I was checking out Lucinda’s web site and you gotta check this out. The first bunch of people who talk about how they are blessed make me thankful and make me feel blessed with the life I have. Check it out, It’s 5 videos.
Okay, I’m just rambling now and have just found out that my kids bus just hit a car so I need to go deal with that. They are okay, this is the account from one of my girls… “the bus was turning and this car was kinda turning from the second lane and the bus backed up a little and then the bus ran over the car, not where the people sit but the bus pushed up the front and all this wire was coming out… we came down with a big thump. We were scared. I fell out of my seat…. and then the car burst into flames and set off a huge explosion that shut down the entire city for hours…” Okay I added the last part about the flames and explosion…
Cling to your Roots and keep an eye on the horizon!
Love and Luck to all in 2013,
Darren (Gaz)