Friends, Romeans, Country Fans…

It starts today for me. The mighty CCMA week has been looming and is now upon me! There is no escape. The bag is being packed with the essentials and probably some non-essentials. Tonight I fly out of Edmonton at 8:45pm to lightly, hopefully, touch down in Halifax at 6:45am.

From there I will proceed to get into a car with the other two in the band and drive the country side visiting the finest country radio stations the East coast has to offer. Make no mistake Romeans, this is not a complaint. I love the East coast and am going to take in as much of it as I can for the next 6 days.

Halifax will be the main stay of the trip, since they are hosting the event. If you have any must see things in this town, great record stores etc, please let me know. I will be sending you frequent posts of my endeavours, so check back daily.

Cling to your roots and keep an eye on the Horizon.