Friends, Romean’s, Country fans…

Can it be? Has Winter finally loosened her icy grip on us and allowed Spring to come in and warm our cold achy bones? ” Where the H E double hockey sticks have you been Darren?”


I know, it’s been a long time since I have written to y’all (oops how can you tell we were down in Nashville). “WHAT?! Nashville? We’ll why didn’t you tell us that before”


Sorry, we have been real busy but the good news is we have some new music going to Radio this week so keep your ears open for it. We are really excited about this song. We wrote it with the great Deric Ruttan.  Keep hitting the web page and Facebook to find out more.

So yea new single, gonna be getting some new mug shots this month for the new CD we just finished recording. “New CD?! Darren you guys have been busy.”


Yes we have. There is a lot of new stuff going on with Hey Romeo that’s why you haven’t heard from us for so long.


We were really working hard on this music and we know you’re going to love the new direction it has gone in. I know we are!


Any way stay tune for more.


Cling to your Roots and keep an eye on the horizon!